Be sure it's true and then go ahead!

The far right (conservatives) in this country have been going after the Clintons for over 20 years. They have been searching for anything to bring them down and have fabricated outrageous lies about both Bill and Hillary. They have found very little to hang their hat on except a blow job. For this election cycle they have amped up the lies about Hillary and it appears that many of my FB "friends" are buying into it. It may be because we were for Sanders as I was. It may be because we have heard the lies so often, read them on FB or heard them on the "news" that they assume them true. My friends, you can't believe ANYTHING you hear or read on social media or on the so called news to be true. It's all an attempt to manipulate us. To blind us from what is really happening to this country, Mrs Clinton is not a perfect candidate, but she is the only one, I believe, that will slow the accelerating slide into Facism that the republicans and others have been dragging us into for 40 years. Listen to what the candidates are saying see how they stand on the issues. Make an intelligent decision based on reality not fake "news" reports and posts from right wing organizations that fabricate stories. Be informed. Seek the truth. Vote for the candidate that has the best chance of moving this country forward in a progressive direction. #consciousfreedom