Our Mission Statement

World in Love (WIL) is a philosophy, a concept, a way of living, a global network of like minded people based on music, politics, education, economics, environmentalism, spiritualism, ...that “we all are one”, living on this planet, sharing the gifts of the mother, the great living organism known as earth. As children of this living being, we are responsible for our thoughts and actions to her, through her, by her and for her. Every breath we take is given to us by her and each action we achieve affects her and all creatures dependent upon her for life. The underlying premise of WIL is LOVE, the great creative power above all others. A “circle of love that surrounds us all right from the start”. Without it we achieve nothing, with it we are in harmony with the energy of the universe, we can move mountains and walk among the stars. The logos and products, music, clothing, art, writing, photography, etc., depicted on the WORLD IN LOVE marketplace sites reflect these deeply held beliefs and are “used”, sold and expressed for the benefit of the mother and the creatures who depend upon her survival for our survival. Receiving as well as giving. Through WIL, we are here to ignite, remind, and lead through inspiration and example of this universal truth... “The earth now depends that we all stand together, and hold in our heart a vision of LOVE, we all are a part of a family forever, the Circle Of Love will never part”. Alan Peterson


Meet Alan

Musician and songwriter Alan Peterson uses the transformative power of music and lyrics, to uncover the truths that lay deep within the heart. Alan's playful, positive and sometimes rebellious approach provides a soundtrack to the soul, facilitating an experience that empowers audiences to create deeper, more meaningful and joyous lives. The courage it takes to create meaning and joy is something Alan knows intimately.

A former attorney, Alan’s own transformative journey jumpstarted when he realized his work was feeding his wallet, but not his soul. Determined to connect authentically with himself and with those around him, Alan turned to his life long passion of music and began a career that’s spanned decades.

Alan’s journey led him to follow his heart by taking a quantum leap - and move to the Baltimore, MD in 2010 from his lifelong home in Oregon; where he was a member of Mary Morrisey's Living Enrichment Center music team and a music director for several New Thought churches.

He has released 3 CD’s of original music; World In Love, Music Of The Heart and Circle Of Love. Do you sense a theme here? Alan is all about love, love in words, love in song, love in action. A true love troubadour, Alan's songs are inspirations that come directly from his heart to you.

Now as Certified Mastery Systems Life Upgrade Coach Alan combines his expert facilitation and passion for music to lead his clients to remember the music of their heart. Alan is available for private Music of Heart Conscious Awakening Coaching session where he facilitates his client’s next quantum leap to "Follow Your Dreams".