"Alan Peterson is wonderful!......He presents joyful, inspiring music that offers his spirit inside every song. Alan's gift of music is a blessing to the world."

Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey Senior Minister, Living Enrichment Center

"Alan Peterson's music is straight from his heart. His honest, vulnerable songs touch the soul, letting us know we are all on this spiritual journey together. Alan has an expansive, generous, loving presence that brings healing and the ability to see God in the midst of every experience. And best of all, Alan has a playful spirit that is just plain fun! I was introduced to Alan’s music at a minister’s retreat, and was very impressed with the nourishing quality of his music and his presence. Recently Alan shared about his creative journey and enthusiasm for fulfilling his life purpose as my online radio interview guest. I highly recommend Alan and his music—he will uplift, inspire, and bring joy.”

Feb, 2015
Rev. Anna Shouse, Ph.D.
Senior Minister – Unity of Austi
Host – Spirit of Recovery – www.unityonlineradio.org

"I see great success for Alan and I know that many are greatly inspired by his music and example."

Beverly McPherron Unity minister

"Alan’s music comes straight from his heart, connects to the listener’s heart, and creates a space of peace and healing. His songs are the kind you can listen to over and over again and never tire of the melodies or lyrics. They touch one at deep levels. Other songs are just plain fun!"

Reverend Robin Haruna Unity

"Alan's lovely voice, emotional delivery and the beauty of the music he writes is indicative of the spirit and gentleness of a man who is not afraid to let the world know that he is a self realized person and willingly exposes his soft side to the world, for the benefit of all concerned. You cannot come away from one of his concerts or just listening to a CD, unchanged. As an opera singer for many years, I am accustomed to listening for quality, with Alan's work, you listen for pleasure."

Reverend Gail Key-Benson

Alan was tremendous!!! and we look forward to having him back." Rich B. Unity minister"Alan's music makes my heart sing......When I listen to the lively beat and the God-sent words I remember who I am.

Shirley Bennett minister

It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge and recommend Alan Peterson as a musician in any venue. His presence is gentle and loving. His voice is the perfect vehicle for the music he writes, and his words are pertinent to our times. We have had him as a guest musician a few times since he moved to the mid-Atlantic, and our congregation enjoys his music greatly!

Blessings, Rev. Angelica Jayne Taggart, Senior Pastor CSL Baltimore

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Alan Peterson to you to provide music for your Sunday services or special events. Alan has provided music for our Sunday services here at Unity Church in Palmyra several times in the past few months and our congregation has thoroughly enjoyed his uplifting, inspirational music and his gentle presence. I have appreciated his willingness to work with me to coordinate music with my message/theme for the day. I look forward to having Alan join us for our Sunday services in the near future.

Sincerely, Rev. Julie Vance Unity minister

Alan provides heartfelt music that gently supports our services. His original music touches the soul.

Rev. Sally Rutis Senior Associate Minister, Living Enrichment Center

Alan composes his music by ear, heart, and instinct rather than by rule - even though he knows the rules well. Additionally he is one of the most pleasant, supportive, and accountable musicians I have ever worked with. I say this as a minister who deals with hundreds of musicians a year.

Unity Rev Teri Hawkins

Alan Peterson has performed at Unity by the Bay Church in Severna Park MD on several occasions. His wonderful original music is inspiring, and his warmth and sincerity on and off the stage is engaging.
I am pleased to personally recommend Alan as either a guest performer or a member of your staff. I am confident that your congregation will find him a wonderful addition to your church family.

Carol Kerr , President, Board of Trustees Unity by the Bay Church, Severna Park MD

Alan Peterson has gifted us here at Unity of Corvallis on several occasions. He is a joy to work with and a genuine talent that connects at a heart level with our congregation. His songs and music are original, inspiring and meaningful as well as great to listen to as an uplifting antidote to a dreary week.

Rev. John Butler Unity minister